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Agricultural Fencing

Agricultural Fencing

Whether you want to protect your crops from outside wildlife or prevent your own livestock from escaping, every agricultural business needs sturdy fences and gates.

It just isn’t possible for a farm to function without strong barriers in place, which is why your choice of fencing is such an important investment. Your fence needs to be as functional as it is aesthetically-pleasing, offering protection from unwanted visitors and clearly marking the boundaries of your land.

However, we appreciate that no two farms are the same, and everyone will have their own needs and requirements when it comes to security. Fortunately, we provide a wide range of fences and gates which are all made for the agricultural sector, letting you pick out the perfect solution for keeping your crops, animals and livelihood secure.

Finding The Perfect Farm Fence
Farm fence
There are many things you need to consider when picking out a fence for your farm.

For a start, the size of the fence will depend largely on the livestock you’re trying to contain, since there’s no point ordering a fence which your horses can jump over, or your goats can just scamper under. You also need to think about which fences will be the easiest to install and maintain, while it’s obviously important to consider your budget and how much land you’re trying to secure.

But, whatever your requirements, you can find the ideal agricultural fencing at Trentwood.

Land Perimeter Fencing
Fencing-off the perimeters of your land will not only keep your livestock safe, but also prevent casual passers-by from accidentally trespassing on your land.

Due to their impressive durability and rustic farmhouse appearance, post and rail fences are currently the most popular type of agricultural fencing in the UK. These fences have always been notoriously easy to install, providing you with a simple, cost-effective way of marking the boundaries to your land and keeping any unwanted visitors at bay.

Our range includes a selection of styles and timbers, offering a subtler fencing option that doesn’t obscure your view of the surrounding landscape too much. This is the classic, traditional choice for many agricultural businesses, while it can be paired up with stock fencing or wire mesh to prevent livestock from escaping.

Fences To Contain Livestock
This is obviously a primary concern for any agricultural business, which is why it’s so important to find suitable fencing.

Standard stock fencing is made with galvanised wire and, as we’ve said, is often used alongside a sturdy post and rail fence to keep livestock contained. This is usually the go-to fencing for farmers all over the UK– with many choosing to include barbed wire – while its sheer strength makes it a great option for all kinds of other agricultural businesses.

If you’re trying to contain deer, however, you’ll need to take a look at our range of deer fencing, which is specifically designed to keep them in (or out) of the enclosures. After all, the last thing you want to see is a wild deer destroying your crops or upsetting your livestock.

Farm Gates
Farm gate
Choosing the right gate ensures your farm doesn’t just stay safe at night, but also continues to operate as efficiently as possible. Of course, your choice of gate will depend largely on your specific requirements and the type of fencing you’ve opted for.

For example, deer gates are the perfect option for land owners holding a lot of deer, since they offer safe, spacious passage between enclosures and are too strong for the deer to break through. However, for the best results, these gates should be used alongside a sturdy perimeter of deer fencing.

Alternatively, if you’re just looking to provide a gateway to your land, then field gates offer a convenient entrance which is also sturdy enough to protect your livestock. But, whatever your gate requirements, Trentwood Fencing provide a range of styles, sizes and materials suitable for every need.

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