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Larch Lap Panel

Contemporary Fence Panels

Homeowners are increasingly treating their gardens as extensions of their house, so if your preference runs to modern style, why compromise in your outdoor space? Fences are a very visible element of your garden, but fortunately, there are various contemporary fence options that can help set you apart from your feather-board neighbours.

You don’t need to live in a new property to install a modern garden fence. Contemporary fencing suits most outside spaces and can really help pull together a modern theme when teamed with contemporary garden furniture, seating, planters and paving.

Contemporary Venetian panels
Slatted fence panels

These smooth-planed, horizontal slatted fence panels achieve a very contemporary look and also let through attractive bands of light and shade for a dramatic effect.

On a practical note, slatted fence panels offer less wind resistance than solid panels, faring better in strong winds.

Louvre panels
Jacksons Louvre Fence Panels

Similar to the Venetian slatted panel, the Louvre is an elegant contemporary fence panel which also allows light through, but its smooth angled slats are a little larger and offer more privacy.

Country Woven panels
Jacksons Woven Fence Panels

At first glance these handcrafted fence panels have a slightly traditional look to them, but their smooth-planed, inter-woven timber slats save them from being too rustic.

What type of wood is best for contemporary fencing?
Cedar planksCedar wood is highly recommended for contemporary fencing. From a design point of view, the gaps between horizontal slats are a perfect frame for the beautiful natural colour variations found in cedar, which can range from a light honey through to shades of red and brown.

On a more practical level, cedar is a lightweight but strong softwood, resistant to splitting or warping. This provides a quality fence that will stand the test of time.

We source our cedar wood fencing from a Reading based company called The Timber Merchants. Below are two examples of the high-quality products they can supply.

Cedar Wood Fencing
Cedar Wood Fence
Painted fence panels

A contemporary garden theme can be enhanced by adding colour to your fence; a coat of paint can also make a cheaper fence panel look a lot more expensive! This isn’t a job for the fainthearted, however, especially if you have a larger garden! It’s a time-consuming job but the finished look can be worth it.

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