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Deer Fencing

Secure Deer Fences For Your Land

Whether you’re a deer farmer trying to keep your stock safe, or a land-owner trying to keep hungry deer out, Trentwood Fencing offers professional installation of galvanised wire deer fencing and deer gates.

Supplied in 50m or 100m rolls of high tensile wire, in varying heights up to 1.9m high, deer fencing is usually erected with treated timber posts. This strong and durable fencing can be combined with a galvanised mesh deer gate to prevent animals pushing through or jumping over.

Deterring deer from your land
Grazing deer can cause significant damage to plants, trees and crops. The British Deer Society lists a range of suggestions to deter deer from your land, but most fall into the category of folklore and aren’t considered particularly effective.

The Society believes the only effective barrier against deer is a properly erected and maintained deer fence. It recommends the following minimum specifications for mesh size and height.

Preventing injury to deer
Fencing of any type can cause horrific injuries to deer if it becomes entangled or enmeshed around their heads, legs and bodies.

You can prevent deer fencing from becoming a hazard by ensuring the tension is maintained – taut fencing is stronger and more resistant to deer rubbing against it or attempting to push through it.

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