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Equestrian Fencing

Equestrian Fencing

 Every horse-owner recognises the benefits of keeping their yards secure, or turning their horses out to exercise, graze and interact with each other. The fencing you choose can go a long way to providing a safe and secure environment for your horses, farm and home.

Trentwood Fencing can supply and install a range of fencing types, suitable for any equestrian premises. including paddocks, menage, livery or racing yard.

Different types of horse fencing
There are several options to secure your equestrian premises or keep your animals safe in their fields.

Post and rail fencing for horses

  • An aesthetically pleasing horse fence
  • Blends well into a rural landscape
  • Safe and durable when well maintained
  • Horses can sometimes damage post and rail fencing by chewing, leaning or repetitive use as a scratching post
  • A string of electric fencing along the top rail can overcome this problem

Metal chain mesh fencing

  • A cost-effective option for a paddock fence, using timber posts and timber top-rail with chain mesh below
  • Ensure chain mesh is heavily galvanised to prevent rusting
  • Choose smaller mesh spaces to prevent injury from horses getting their hooves trapped

Post and wire fencing for horses

  • A cheaper equine fencing alternative, using timber posts and multiple strands of high tensile wire
  • Can be combined with mesh wire below
  • Effective as long as the wire remains very taut
  • More easily weakened than timber when animals lean against it
  • Potential to cause injury or allow horses to escape when the fence is damaged

Electric fencing

  • Very useful as temporary fencing for your horses
  • Electric fencing is a portable means to divide large paddocks for strip-grazing, or even as a boundary fence for a paddock
  • Cost-effective
  • Not suitable for roadside boundaries
  • Electric fencing posts aren’t as resilient to high winds as timber

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