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Stock Fencing

Stock Fencing

Agricultural stock fencing is made from galvanised wire and can be used on its own with timber stakes or in combination with post and rail, post and wire, or with barbed wire, in the right circumstances.

Wire stock fencing is in common use in agricultural and farming environments for field, forest or farm, to help landowners keep livestock in and wildlife out. Stock fencing is also a common way of marking the property and keeping the plants and stock within borders, but not making it too restricted or harmful.

Having easy access to your stock as an owner is also important and that is considered within our service making it perfect for your stock and yourself (and your team).

High tensile wire stock fencing is strong, durable and fairly low maintenance. It’s also an economical option for large garden plots where a practical, less decorative boundary is desired.

We can install variations in fencing weight, height and wire gauge depending on its use. Let us know if your stock fence will be used for cattle, pigs, sheep, forest or deer so we can supply the correct product for installation and give you more specific advice on what you need and how to implement it.

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